EVERETT DEMBOSKY: We need sanity on Second Amendment
May 03, 2013 10:40 AM

The Gazette’s front page on April 24 showed a rally of “hundreds” on the state Capitol steps, brandishing their “Don’t tread on me” banner. The related story gave the false impression that more and more Americans are buying guns and are fearful of losing their Second Amendment rights.

In fact, according to recent FBI data on background checks, “While most Americans shun guns, the fearful keep buying more” (latimes.com).

In other words, it’s the same “fearful” 10 percent who are adding to their arsenals. Profit motivates the NRA and gun manufacturers to stoke the unfounded fear that “the government is going to take your guns.” Anybody who has to be armed to the teeth to feel safe is not free.

Because of the ridiculous “super majority” rule, the minority obstructed again, ignoring polls showing 90 percent of Americans in support of the Manchin-Toomey background check bill. Those who voted “no” ignored the voice of the real super majority –— the American people — and will pay a price at the polls.

If all representatives with a conscience had stood together, the NRA would have seen that the sheer numbers of voters were against them. Look how Sen. Pat Toomey’s approval rating has gone up since his attempt to lead his party.

We need Second Amendment sanity, not abuse of the amendment. The NRA is the tail wagging the dog, and look at what the tail has done to our “free” society! The very real possibility of a maniac with a gun causes us to feel unsafe in our schools, theaters, malls, town halls, churches or even walking down the street.

No psychiatrist can tell us when someone having mental problems is going to cross the line to criminal insanity. Criminally insane does not mean stupid. The shooters know they are doing wrong, become secretive, make a plan, accumulate weapons — too easily — and execute innocents. We can do only one thing to limit the carnage:limit the choice and availability of these weapons.

What did the forefathers want for us? The right to life, liberty and happiness, not anxiety. They wanted “a well regulated militia,” uniformed and trained to come to the aid of the country. The Second Amendment is more about defense of the state and not individuals with arsenals in their homes.

It’s time for the 90 percent to speak up. We should not allow the tail to wag the dog.

Everett Dembosky


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