KEN BENNETT: Remembering sacrifices on Memorial Day
May 05, 2013 2:50 AM

Memorial Day — a time for picnics and cookouts, hamburgers, hot dogs and beer. A time for the family to enjoy a three-day weekend. Even Memorial Day sales.

What a fun day, at least for 80 percent of our population. For others, it’s a little different.

For us it’s a day to remember a lost loved one. A time to honor those who have given the last great measure to keep our country safe. To plant a flag and a cross at Arlington and other resting places from the jungles of Vietnam to the fields in France.

It’s a time to thank those who now walk with wheels. Those who have to be fed and changed like a newborn. For those who now play with toy trucks but smile and laugh when you visit.

Yes, and those who don’t sleep and sometimes cry without reason. Also, those who take off their arms or legs or both to sleep. Those who are guided by a canine to and from.

These are but a few real reasons for Memorial Day. Without their loss and suffering, you may not have had the holiday.

Let’s not forget their loved ones.

Ask yourself, “Am I really a true American?”

Ken Bennett

Rochester Mills

Marine Corps veteran of Vietnam

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