EMILE ZOLA: Misinformation for the uninformed
May 08, 2013 10:40 AM

I have read just about every Letter to the Editor since moving to Indiana 10 years ago, but Everett Dembosky’s letter on the Second Amendment surely wins for misinformation, untruths, inaccuracies and a general wealth of nothingness.

He starts by relating to a story that gives “the false impression that more and more Americans are buying guns.”

More and more and more Americans are buying guns and ammo. Has he walked into a local gun shop, Walmart or any other retail shop in the past six months? Evidently not, as the ammo shelves are empty and the guns are few.

He then goes on to say that only “10 percent” of the public are adding to their arsenal. He actually quotes the L.A. Times for this information. The L.A. Times is (top three anyway) the most liberally biased “newspaper” that is on the brink of bankruptcy. They are still open for business, but barely.

I can assure him that more than “the fearful 10 percent” are adding to their arsenal, ammo dump, whatever progressives would like to call us patriots that like our guns.

Please let me address something. Mr. Dembosky uses the word “fearful” many times when referring to gun owners. Believe me, I am not fearful, not one bit.

It reminds of the cowboy down in Texas that was pulled over by a local sheriff for a taillight that is out. The sheriff asks the cowboy about weapons in the truck. The cowboy goes on to tell the sheriff, “Yes, I have a 12-gauge pump and a 30-30 rifle on the gun rack, a .45 auto on my belt and a 9 mm under the seat.” The sheriff replies, “What are you afraid of”? The cowboy answers, “Not a darn thing, sir.”

Emile R. Zola


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