CARLY (SCOTT) BAIRD: Cast votes for Effective Schools candidates
May 16, 2013 11:00 AM

Having an elementary-age child in the Indiana Area School District, I will be voting for the school board candidates endorsed by Citizens for Effective Schools: Deborah Clawson, Diana Paccapaniccia, Doug Steve, John Uccellini and John Barbor (two-year term). All of these candidates are not newcomers to the area. They have spent decades, and some all their lives, in this community and understand the high academic expectations in Indiana.

Walter Schroth, in February 2011, made a presentation at a board meeting calling for no major debt with the looming pension crisis in 2013.

Mr. Schroth stated in his motion, “Therefore, be it resolved that the IASD over the next 10 years conduct only those repairs, maintenance or renovations absolutely necessary to insure the integrating of all district buildings and further maintain the health, well-being, safety and security of its students and employees. Be it further resolved that the IASD not borrow more than $10 million over the next 10 years, so as not to increase the tax burden on its residents for the purpose of building construction, renovations, or large repairs.”

Well, just over one year later Walter Schroth, now part of the board majority, was instrumental in approving a project that incurred a bond issue of nearly $17 million while the economy was still in poor shape.

Contrary to what Walter Schroth wants you to believe, he has regularly voted for or made motions to increase taxes during his seven years on the board. The finance committee has called for a tax increase this year, and Mr. Schroth serves on this committee.

The other candidate that I’d have a hard time voting for is Julia Trimarchi Cuccaro. How can you vote for someone who wouldn’t send their children to high school in the district she wants to serve?

Remember a vote for the Citizens for Effective Schools-endorsed candidates of Deborah Clawson, Diana Paccapaniccia, Doug Steve, John Uccellini and John Barbor is a vote for a strong K-12 educational system that will give our children a well-versed education while maintaining the many programs Indiana has enjoyed over the years.

Carly (Scott) Baird


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