BETSY LAUBER: Indiana didn't listen to voters
June 09, 2013 3:00 AM

Indiana Borough council recently was given the responsibility of filling a council seat vacated due to a resignation.

The two seated council members from the Second Ward each nominated an individual. The two individuals nominated had publicly displayed their interest in serving on the borough council by running in the May 21 primary.

One of the nominees received the most votes awarded for all four primary candidates. The other nominee received the least votes across all four primary candidates.

I am disappointed the borough council and mayor appointed the one with the least number of votes received from the Second Ward residents. This same individual was the only one not to receive a place on the general election ballot in November yet will be representing the Second Ward residents for the next two and half years.

I wish council and the mayor had listened to the voters of the Second Ward.

Betsy Lauber

resident of Indiana Borough’s Second Ward

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