SAM SHUTTER: Going to half-day Fridays a ludicrous plan
June 11, 2013 11:00 AM

Someone told me about a school board/administrative plan for the Blairsville-Saltsburg School District to go to a schedule of half-day classes every Friday, starting this fall.

At first, I thought it a joke and patiently waited for the punch line.

I assumed the idea was to save money by not having to hire substitute teachers when the regular teacher is off learning the latest pedagogical technique.

I later found that this proposal was conceived to incorporate time in the schedule for teachers’ continuing education. Regardless, does that mean we all should expect to receive a tax decrease?

Imagine having less class time and calling it progress?

My school experience taught me that most half-days meant a day at the circus, so to speak.

With this ludicrous plan, we inconvenience most of the parents and put many of the children at risk in an unsupervised setting. Is the school going to provide free day care?

Only people who are really out of touch with reality could possibly conceive of such a plan and be totally blind to the financial and psychological burden it places on everyone else.

The only fair solution to this would be to allow the people who pay their salaries to vote on this. Then you would get a response that you couldn’t ignore.

Sam Shutter


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