Indiana firefighters rally to aid boy, 6, ensnared in his bicycle
June 22, 2013 11:00 AM
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When 6-year-old Haze Carr went for a bicycle ride on Monday, he wasn’t expecting to have his first, and hopefully only, experience with the Jaws of Life.

According to Indiana Fire Association officer Ron Moreau, area residents could hear Haze screaming as he got his leg tangled up in metal during the ride.

“His foot slipped behind the pedal and into the frame,” said Haze’s mother, Patience Carr, of Indiana, noting that Haze had been riding the bike without wearing shoes.

“He’s always getting in trouble for not riding his bike with his shoes on,” she said.

A mother’s instinct kicked in, and Carr immediately tried to help her son free his firmly stuck leg.

“My first reaction was to spit on his leg to get it out,” Carr said. That didn’t work, so she ran over to get her neighbor.

The fire department was then called after no one could get Haze’s leg out of the frame.

“They tried butter and that didn’t work … they eventually had to use the jaws.”

Haze ended up with a small fracture in his leg, but according to Carr, the family was told it would heal on its own.

The real damage was done to his bike, which had to be torn apart by the fire company’s Jaws of Life to free Haze’s leg.

“We ended up cutting the frame of the bike to get him out,” said Moreau. So, Haze was left without a bicycle — and the fire department wasn’t about to let that happen.

Moreau said the fire department discussed what they could do for Haze, and landed on the decision that they “had to do something. We have to get this kid a new bike.” Moreau picked up Haze a new bicycle from Indiana Schwinn Cycling Friday morning, and delivered it to him Friday evening. When Carr found out that the fire department would be donating the bike to the family, she couldn’t have been happier.

“I started crying,” she said. “There are just good people in this world.”

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