FRANK CRNARICH: Give taxpayers a break on transportation costs
July 17, 2013 10:50 AM

Transportation to and from a workplace is a necessary expense to earn money. It should be a tax adjustment subtracted from the tax­payer’s W-2 to get their taxable income.

Legislators receive nontaxable money for transportation expense. Is this fair to taxpayers? Minimum wage workers work an entire day to pay for a week’s transportation to and from work.

Bus and train fare should be deductible. If you must drive, car expense should be deductible at 50 cents per mile plus parking cost.

Retired single people with pension and other income over $25,000, and married couples with pension and other income over $32,000 must pay income tax on their Social Security including Medicare. Due to inflation, these ancient figures should be changed from $25,000 and $32,000 to $42,000 and $50,000.

Call this to the attention of your senators and congressman. It will determine whether they represent you or just special interest groups (mainly millionaires).

Frank Crnarich

Homer City

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