DEREK SMELTZER: ASD using charter school as scapegoat
July 25, 2013 11:00 AM

As summer winds down and school is about to start, we would think Armstrong School District, with all its endless wisdom, would find it painfully obvious that Everlasting Elderton Charter School will not be opening this fall, once again denying parents and students of not only Armstrong School District, but also of Apollo-Ridge, Indiana and Marion Center school districts, an alternative choice of education.

The charter school’s founding board is saddened by this fact, but we see this delay as an opportunity to prepare and properly open our school for the 2014-2015 school year.

Since we are halfway through July and Armstrong School District has not heard a word from us, why would they not assume that we are not opening the school this year and therefore use the money in the budget allocated for the charter school to alleviate some of their other pressing financial issues? They have not even bothered to contact us to see what our plans were.

The answer is simple: They had to raise taxes to build their new high school, and they wanted to pin the blame on us. They don’t really care about the charter school or the opportunities it could provide students, which was very obvious when they denied our charter without actually reading it.

It is blatantly obvious that the ASD board has used the charter school as a scapegoat. Their recent vote to dramatically raise the taxes of the hardworking ASD taxpayers proves that the charter school is not the root of ASD’s massive financial problems.

As the charter school continues to move forward, we ask the residents of Armstrong School District to do some research on their current school board and on charter schools in general. Keep an open mind and heart and focus on the positive things and educational opportunities a charter school can provide. The fact that the school is based in Elderton is a good thing because students from Apollo-Ridge, Indiana and Marion Center school districts can also take advantage of participating.

If you would like to stay informed about the charter school, or you are just interested in what exactly a charter school is, feel free to go to our Facebook page. Just type in the name and you should find it. To our many dedicated supporters, we appreciate your help and encouragement. You always remind us that together we can achieve anything.

Derek Smeltzer

vice president, Everlasting Elderton Charter School founding board of directors

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