Jimmy Stewart Airport to benefit from state transportation money
July 24, 2013 10:50 AM

HARRISBURG — The Indiana County/Jimmy Stewart Airport is among 19 Pennsylvania airports that will make safety enhancements and improve their operations with the aid of a $2.1 million state investment, Gov. Tom Corbett announced Tuesday.

The local airport will receive $18,750 to conduct environmental wetland monitoring.

“Airports contribute to our communities’ econ-omies and create thousands of jobs for Pennsylvanians,” Corbett said. “This state support will help the airports continue operating safely and ensure that they can continue to meet business demands.”

The grants are distributed through PennDOT’s aviation development program, which is funded from the state’s jet fuel tax. The investments leverage $647,100 in local matching funds. Authorized by the general assembly, the grants are administered by Penn-DOT’s Bureau of Aviation.

The grants were approved by the State Transportation Commission. The 15-member commission includes the Secretary of Transportation, 10 private citizens appointed by the governor, and the majority and minority chairs of the state Senate and House Transportation committees.

The state has 133 public-use airports and heliports, and 15 of those airports have scheduled commercial service.

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