PAUL COULTER: Shuster should be looking for solutions
July 28, 2013 2:20 AM

I read with bemusement the July 21 “As I See It” column by U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster titled “Why I’ll vote no on immigration bill.”

Mr. Shuster explains how the bill passed by the U.S. Senate on immigration, in his opinion, means trouble for our businesses and economy. Of course, he takes the usual rhetoric and blames President Obama and the Democrats in Congress for our immigration issues.

If I went purely by this column, I would assume we’ve only had these issues since 2008; apparently everything was fine until then. Not!

Then Mr. Shuster draws upon the old favorite tactic: try to create mistrust and fear about what the president will do. He uses phrases like “blindly trust President Obama” and “if you trust this administration.”

Mr. Shuster laments that it would be a travesty if more congressional authority were handed over to the executive branch. Maybe President Obama, and the rest of the country, is tired of waiting for congress to do something.

Instead of trying to create doubt and mistrust, maybe Rep. Shuster should be looking for ways to find solutions. Isn’t that what a representative is supposed to do?

So what is Rep. Shuster’s grand solution to the immigration problem? Secure our borders. That’s it. Once Congress agrees the borders are secure, then we can talk about other issues, according to Shuster.

Waiting for Congress to agree on anything is like watching paint dry — it’s painful and slow. My guess is Rep. Shuster knows this and thus nothing will be done on immigration. Mr. Shuster has been our representative since 2001. Surely we deserve better.

Paul Coulter


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