ROBERT S. COLGAN: Obama's record as president questioned
July 30, 2013 10:20 AM

In response to Jeffrey Fulmer’s Wednesday letter, “Religion unacceptable as test for office”:

Barack Obama killed Osama bin Laden? Saved an auto industry? Helping the poor as Jesus instructed? Wow, what a line.

Our military took care of the modern-day Hitler known as bin Laden. Obama taking credit for that is like when my brother-in-law kills a deer and gives me the meat, and I tell people I killed it!

Saved an auto industry? How? By giving taxpayer money to a corporation that ran itself into financial ruin and holding no executives responsible for it?

My favorite: Helping the poor as Jesus instructed? Please, it’s called buttering your bread for votes from the lazy. Those that want to work, do; those that don’t rely on the idol Obama.

As to his proclaiming of being a Christian, I would have to say that is a stretch, too.

If you are a Christian (a follower of Jesus Christ), I find it hard to believe that you can condone the murder of the unborn as well as the perverse lifestyle and marriage of homosexuals. Buttering his bread, I guess?

Vera Mock has every right to hammer away at this man for his ethics as the leader of the country she lives in. After all, if the leader (preacher) of a church who claims to be a Christian supported the same values and ideals as Obama does and yet says he is a Christian, then the church congregation better question his morals and standards as well as his future employment.

I’ll go ahead and ruffle the feathers, but I find it hard for anyone who claims Christianity as their belief to support Obama. He goes against God’s commands throughout both the Old and New Testaments yet he claims Christianity as a convenience. If he really is a Christian, then he will be judged for that claim as well as his supporting of what Christ denounces throughout his word.

Obama is president because of his willingness to give in to what the majority of immoral Americans want, not because he is a good Christian or, as I suspect, a Christian at all.

To Vera Mock: God bless you and your willingness to stand on your beliefs; to Jeff Fulmer, read the Bible through and then post Scripture in its entirety, not your bits and pieces.

Robert S. Colgan


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