COLLEEN DONOVAN: Shuster doesn't share values of fair-minded
August 02, 2013 10:39 AM

We need a U.S. representative who shares the values of fair-minded people.

Rep. Bill Shuster might reconsider strategies for communicating with constituents. In her July 12 letter to The Indiana Gazette, Janice Dembosky calls Rep. Shuster out for his misrepresentation of the facts as they are stated in his June 27 letter to constituents about the Affordable Care Act. Like Ms. Dembosky, I was insulted by Shuster’s letter of June 27 when I found it in my mailbox.

Ms. Dembosky instructs: “A representative’s job is to listen to his constituents and to educate them about what is true.” However, she observes, Rep. Shuster spins his own form of Fox-news-like diatribe with the intent to spin.

While some might enjoy this sort of propaganda from entertainers like Glenn Beck or Anne Coulter, I presume that most of Rep. Shuster’s constituents appreciate a fairer and more reasoned analysis.

Accordingly, Ms. Dembosky refers to Rep. Shuster as an obstructionist, and rightly so, because from this communication and others, we can only conclude that he has gone to Washington, not with the earnest attempt to solve our country’s problems, but with the selfish intent of wallowing in the misdirected groupthink of his dysfunctional Republican party.

In his “As I See It” column in the Gazette of July 21, Rep. Shuster states his reasons for refusing to sign the immigration bill. He could at least represent his position in a statesmanlike manner.

Instead, we are informed: “You can count me as a “no” vote on the Senate immigration bill or any other bill that provides amnesty for illegal immigrants.”

With these words, Rep. Shuster only demonstrates he is numb to the plight of millions of undocumented workers and their families. It’s unfortunate to witness this shallow understanding about people, many of whom work hard to perform jobs that many Americans are unwilling to do. Most voters know that many undocumented workers are exposed to numerous injustices and that these wrongs require solving.

It is clear then that Rep. Shuster is unable to execute his function as statesman.

Therefore, it is also clear that many of his constituents will hope for another choice in the next election from a candidate who will represent the values of fair-minded people.

Colleen Donovan


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