KATHLEEN GREENAWALT: Obamacare strips away our freedoms
August 13, 2013 10:20 AM

Socialized health care is strictly the result of B. Hussein Obama and his cohorts. The American people — be they women, of color, rich or poor — are in for the most expensive, least productive health care system our country has ever witnessed.

Divide and conquer is the mantra of the liberals. The poor against the rich, the women against men, men against families, and the list is endless.

The epitome of the liberal policies of greed, crooked unions, trading freebies for votes and blaming others (Republicans/conservatives) for all of their failures is … Detroit.

The epitome of false promises, scandals, taking away of freedoms, cover-ups and blatantly stripping away our constitutions is Obama.

Any American who really wants to know the truth will have to look into what conservatives in Congress are trying to do, conservative websites, or just plain anywhere bias is not in the forefront.

Do not listen to liberals who define what the Republicans are. Try Drudge and others; see for yourself. The media don’t have to lie (although they twist everything), they just omit what Obama doesn’t want them to print.

It isn’t just women who see what Obama’s health care is doing to their families and that they are being taxed for absolutely everything. We are Americans, all of us, and the sooner we all start thinking of ourselves as such, the better and stronger we will be.

Not to mention we will regain our freedoms that we have lost over these past four years.

Kathleen Greenawalt


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