UNITED: School board prepares for renovations
August 14, 2013 10:50 AM

ARMAGH — More renovations will be coming to United School District, based on a resolution adopted by board members Tuesday.

The board authorized HHSDR Architects/Engineers to prepare specifications and the bidding and construction documents to renovate the United Junior/Senior High School. Board President Don Davis, Vice President Trudy DeRubis and board member Norma Carpenter were not present at Tuesday’s meeting.

The project, which is part of an $11.3 million improvement project at the elementary school approved earlier, will include repairing and relocating the district’s administration offices, the high school offices and the library.

The current library will become the high school offices, including the nurse’s office and some conference rooms, district Superintendent Barbara Parkins said. The section of classrooms next to the library that extends to the auditorium will be turned into the district offices as a way of improving security at the high school.

“That way, we’ll be able to provide a secure entrance here so … there will be another set of doors so (unwanted visitors) can’t get into the building,” Parkins said.Right now where the main entrance is, “it’s fairly open,” she added. When the renovations are complete, there will be two secure entrances: one by the auditorium and the entranceway by the current library.

The new library will be built where the central offices and nurse’s office currently are located.

Parkins said the cost of the renovations will be “a little bit additional,” but added that “there were some dollars left from the original … renovation project.”

“We thought it would be appropriate because the high school hasn’t had a lot of renovation, but they did have a new roof (put) on,” she said. “Plus, we’ve been looking at better security for the school, so I think that’s a way that we can solve that problem.”

Parkins said the bid documents are expected to be completed in December, with the district advertising for bids in January, which will be a three-week process. The anticipated timetable to receive all bids is Jan. 31, she said.

Contracts are set to be awarded Feb. 11, with construction to start in March. Parkins said she doesn’t anticipate all work to be completed until Oct. 31.

Also Tuesday, the board accepted the Pre-K Counts grant fund for $235,800 from the Office of Child Development and Early Learning.

The Pre-K Counts program is aimed at helping financially disadvantaged pre-kindergarten children and is set to start at the beginning of this school year.

Parkins said United was awarded the grant for three years to pay for two elementary teacher positions and two paraprofessional, or qualified aide, positions, which the board created at its meeting last month.

Parkins said the district has sent out letters to eligible families, and the district has 16 students that are potential enrollees. The grant is for 30 students altogether.

“So we’ll either be hiring one teacher or two teachers,” she said.

Board members elected Thomas Kalinyak as the school board secretary starting Aug. 19 for the unexpired term of office held by Tammy Tuccarello, and designated him as the district’s e-rate coordinator and open records officer.

Kalinyak was hired as the district’s finance director at last month’s meeting.

Several people were approved for positions for the upcoming school year. They are:

• Substitute teachers: Fatima Ahmed, elementary K-6; Richard Auvil, music K-12; Alexandra Beer, elementary K-6; Christina Beiter, elementary; Sarah Blair, elementary K-6; Michael Blue, health and physical education K-12; Katee Budzinski, elementary K-6 and mid-level math 7-9; Alyssa Burkey, elementary K-6 and special education N-12;

Elayne Busovicki, Spanish; Mary Calaboyias-Raich, elementary; Stacy Colson, elementary; Casey Carnahan, elementary K-6; Drew Civis, elementary K-6, social studies 7-12, mid-level math 7-9, mid-level science 7-9 and mid-level English 7-9; Matthew Claar, elementary K-6; Caitlin Colbert, elementary K-6; Crystal Fabina, elementary K-6; Maria Congelio, elementary K-6;

Danielle Crossey, elementary K-6 and math 7-12; Emma Diehl, elementary K-6 and special education N-12; Crystal Dull, English 7-12; Jessica Ellis, elementary K-6; Mary Jo Faith, elementary; SueAnne Fatula, early childhood; Brittany Foreman, elementary K-6; Victoria Franco, elementary K-6, hearing impaired K-12 and English 7-12; Christopher Freidoff, biology 7-12;

Kristen Frick, elementary K-6, special education N-12 and mid-level math 7-9; Tiffany Fry, math 7-12; Brianna Gillin, elementary K-6 and special education N-12; Samantha Gispanski, elementary K-6; Jessica Greene, elementary K-6 and English as a second language; Michael Gralla, elementary K-6 and math 4-8; Laura Henry, elementary K-6; Aimee Hoffman, elementary K-6 and mid-level math 7-9;

Kimberly Hoover, English 7-12; Heather Hrivnak, elementary K-6 and mid-level math 7-9; Gina Jaber, elementary K-6; Katie Kent, elementary K-6, ESL K-12 and health and physical education K-12; Danielle King, elementary K-6 and mid-level English 7-9; Nicole Ligo, elementary K-6; Nathaniel Mack, music K-12; Sharon Mack, elementary; Stephanie Martin, art education K-12;

Jessica Menie, elementary K-6, special education N-12 and mid-level English 7-9; Britain Metz, elementary K-6 and reading specialist; Donna Meyer, elementary K-6; Katie Moffa, elementary K-6 and special education N-12; Sarah Muth, elementary K-6; Lureen Nelson, elementary K-6 and Spanish; John Oram, French; Andrew Parkins, elementary K-6 and special education N-12; Harriet Payne, elementary; Linzi Powers, elementary K-6 and library science K-12;

Kira Respet, family and consumer science; Patricia Rich, elementary; Spencer Sadler, English 7-12 and library science K-12; Elyse Shearer, elementary K-6; Kimberly Sisitki, elementary; John Sokol, math 7-12; James Wagner, math; Mary Ann Wagner, elementary; Alyssa Waryck, early childhood N-3 and elementary K-6; Brian Wolfe, music K-12, mid-level math 7-9 and business computer-info tech K-12

• Substitute aides: Cindy Bowers, Monica Friday, Rose Gehring, Rose Hamrock, Nancy Jarvis, Heather Joseph, Sandra Klauss, Crystal Montgomery, Amy Ponchione, Dorene Schillinger, Heather Vavrek.

• Non-athletic curriculum support: Lorraine Allman, graduation project coordinator, $1,285.93; Devon Brendle, high school business/tech team leader, $742.84; Susan Garaventa, elementary math department head, $721.20; Chris Matava, elementary social studies department head, $799.15; Jerry Matava, high school social studies department head, $1,594.06; Becky McLaughlin, high school health and physical education department head, $855.38; Greg Mytrysak, elementary communications department head, $1,080.48; Ron Ofman, elementary science department head, $1,594.06; Darlene Sexton, high school math department head, $973.62; Rita Stahura, K-12 special education department head, $961.60; Richard Szelong, high school communications department head, $855.38; Thomas Whitcomb, high school science department head, $973.62

• Non-athletic student activities: Jennifer Buchkovich, Quiz Bowl adviser, $270.03; Bre Custer, elementary yearbook adviser, $546.36; Michelle Dunn, drama/musical director, $1,603.84, and drama director for first-semester play, $1,207.11; Molly Flanagan, senior high student council (9-12), $1,206.67; Bailey Fulkroad, assistant band director, $1,061,21;

Acey Gongaware, drama/musical vocal music director, $1,603.84; Kristie Good, summer agriculture program adviser, $2,000; Mike Lee, computer competition adviser, $273.19; Bob Penrose, technical assistant for first-semester play, $541.06; Maria Razayeski, yearbook adviser, $2,550.42; Darla Robinson, junior class prom adviser, $1,082.12; Ben Saylor, band director, $3,246.35; Elyse Shearer, majorette adviser, $1,623.18; Judy Shomo, Jr. Academy of Science adviser, $270.53; Vicki Stelma, newspaper adviser, $1,414.53; Addy Stewart and Kimberly Ray, senior class/senior trip adviser, $811.59; Mike Wilt, summer driver education, $20.34 per hour.

• Athletic supplemental positions: Lee Ann Ault, assistant junior high girls’ basketball coach, $2,448.08, and head varsity girls’ basketball coach, $4,429.84; Steven Barbus, assistant varsity baseball coach, $2,077.97; Nathan Bevard, game manager (full time), $900; Mike Blankenship, head junior high wrestling coach, $2,655.20; Sam Buzzinotti, assistant varsity wrestling coach, $3,725.35; Toni Draksler, head junior high girls’ basketball coach, $2,681.22, and assistant junior varsity girls’ basketball coach, $3,147.53; John Dunn, head junior high football coach, $2,956.62, and head junior high boys’ basketball coach, $3,364.45; Grace Evans, varsity girls’ soccer coach, $2,006.70; Jerry Hammack, head baseball coach, $2,770.63;

Tom Harley, head softball coach, $2,770.63; Cathleen Harr, assistant varsity volleyball coach, $1,847.08; Jennifer Mack, varsity/junior varsity head cheerleading coach, $3,694.19; Chris Matava, head golf coach (coed), $2,150.41, and head girls’ track coach, $5,128.50; Jennifer McCully, junior high cheerleading coach, $1,902.49; Katherine Mehalik, assistant cheerleading coach, $1,616.20; Brittany Miller, junior high girls’ volleyball assistant coach, $1,385.31; Keri Miller, assistant girls’ track coach, $2,518.03; Allison Mintmier, assistant softball coach, $2,077.97; Candi Nagle, assistant junior high cheerleading coach, $1,398.89;

Dan Pajak, varsity boys’ soccer coach, $2,006.70, and assistant boys’ varsity basketball coach, $3,116.97; Robert Penrose, head boys’ track coach, $3,814.05; Tim Riskus, head varsity wrestling coach, $4,386.83; Cullen Stokes, athletic director, $6,365.40; Tyler Stokes, head boys’ varsity basketball coach, $5,248.44; William Strong, game manager (as needed), $900; Richard Szelong, junior high assistant football coach, $2,118.92; Thomas Whitcomb, cross country boys’/girls’ coach, $2,769.69, and assistant boys’ track coach, $2,098.35; Misty Widmar, varsity volleyball coach, $2,681.22, and junior high girls’ volleyball coach, $1,648.05.

The district also opened supplemental positions for 2013-14 for a musical choreographer, a drama/musical instrumental director and special team leader (elementary), as well as for an assistant junior high wrestling coach due to the resignation of William Strong, which the board accepted Tuesday.

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