ANDREW KINTER: Roundabout is a wrong turn
August 21, 2013 11:00 AM

When I picked up the Friday Gazette, my eyes were immediately drawn to the article headlined “PennDOT weighs roundabout for juncture east of Indiana.” A what? Where?

The story detailed preliminary plans to replace the East Pike intersection with a roundabout/traffic circle. This is an intersection that I travel through on a daily basis and have absolutely no problems with, and I’d think it difficult to find anyone in Indiana who does. Why then would anyone want to waste $3 million to replace a perfectly good intersection?

Apparently the terms frugality, common sense and prioritization are banned from the halls of PennDOT. In the budget-strapped days in which the commonwealth and all of its citizens are currently living, shouldn’t we be a bit more careful with our transportation spending?

How about fixing a few more bridges? There are currently 81 structurally deficient state bridges in District 10 and upwards of 6,000 in the state.

Anyone supporting a wasteful project like this needs to remember that the state coffers aren’t filled with free money; it came out of my pocket, your pockets and theirs.

If PennDOT employees have enough spare time on their hands to dream up unnecessary projects like this, maybe they should be in the private sector where budgets actually matter.

If you agree with me that this is nothing but a waste of tax dollars, let our local representatives and PennDOT know that you expect them to be better stewards of your money.

Don’t sit by while $3 million gets thrown into a circle just because “it is something new and hot in Pennsylvania.”

Andrew Kinter


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