KATHY TWIGG: God did not choose Obama as president
August 23, 2013 10:20 AM

As a faithful reader of The Indiana Gazette, I routinely read the Viewpoint page to educate myself on political and personal opinions of both professional journalists and the local citizens of Indiana County.

I have never submitted a letter to the editor, but there have been many times I wish I had. After reading the letter from Janice Dembosky (“Anti-Obama letter rife with falsehoods,” Aug. 13), I could not resist the urge to write.

Ms. Dembosky was quick to dispel the “rumors and blogs” referred to in a letter by Michelle Stewart. Although I have not confirmed for myself the so-called facts presented by Ms. Dembosky, I must take issue with one of the “truths” set forth in her letter.

At the very end of her letter, she quotes Scripture from Romans 13:1-3, in which people are to respect government authorities “for it is God who has put them in positions of authority.”

Please allow me to use the following as an example of respect for government authority and God’s “choice” of such: I have a very hard time believing that God appointed Adolf Hitler to rule over Germany and annihilate millions of innocent Jews (God’s truly “chosen people”) simply because he had the power to do so. Hitler made amazing promises and had the country believing he was going to save them from economic failure. We all know how that turned out. And I’m pretty sure those poor souls had no respect for that dictator. You may find the comparison between Hitler and Obama outrageous, but, frankly, some may find it uncanny.

No, God did not “choose” Obama to serve in what should be the most respected government office in this nation. Liberal voters fooled by his promise of “change” carry that responsibility. And, if Mr. Obama is a man of God, he cannot possibly support the murder of innocent unborn babies (“Thou shalt not kill,” Exodus 20:13).

I fully respect the presidency, but I cannot and do not respect Mr. Obama or the decisions he has made to create such unprecedented political and moral division in this great country.

Kathy Twigg

Brush Valley

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