WILLIAM J. HOWARTH: Roundabout a 'feel good' project
August 25, 2013 1:59 AM

I am sure most citizens have heard many times over the last few years about the hundreds and hundreds of “structurally deficient” bridges in our state that are in urgent need of repair and the need for new taxes to do the job.

Imagine then how amazed I was to find out that they all must have been repaired in such a short period of time! How else can you explain having an extra $1 million to $2 million lying around to be used on a roundabout at the eastern end of Philadelphia Street?

Has this been a dangerous intersection with an inordinate number of accidents? If so few, if any, have been noted in the newspaper.

Perhaps this is just another “feel good” project by the powers that be using other people’s money to get recognition and their pictures in the paper.

To add to this, the IASD is involved with wanting an underpass with a sidewalk and bicycle path leading to East Pike Elementary School, which may in the future end up being closed, if the board ever makes a decision.

Somewhere there has to be buried in the vast bureaucracy of state government a department of “stupid solutions for nonexisting problems.” How else can you explain the above, the infamous bulb-outs at various intersections in the borough and the traffic light at South Sixth Street and the new Hospital Road.

These are just a few questionable projects in our area. I’m sure you could find the same foolish expenditures in every county, with a total of millions of dollars basically being wasted.

William J. Howarth


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