PAT LEACH: A fight for freedoms, religion, education
August 25, 2013 1:19 AM

“What is happening to our country? If you believe in and fight for the Constitution, then you are accused of being ‘no better than the Taliban.’ If you demand that government live within its means and its constitutional limitations, then you are attacked as racist. If you exercise your right to peacefully assemble and meet with others of like conservative political beliefs, then you are arrested, targeted, harassed and intimidated.”

The above paragraph was in a recent email I received from and I couldn’t say it any better.

Folks, we are in the fight of our lives for our freedoms, our religion, our education and our quality of life. Recently it came to my attention that a local business in Indiana County experienced an IRS audit over a six-month period with repeated demands. During the audit the owners were asked a question: How often do you go to church? Real relevant to financial records, right?

Perhaps it was this business’ affiliation with a conservative, family-values, Bible-believing church. Or could they have been targeted for their donation to a conservative candidate? No matter what, this should not be happening in this country! I wonder just how many other small businesses have had this happen to them and kept quiet. We cannot remain silent anymore.

We are up against one of the most corrupt administrations this country has ever known. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, you have a responsibility to hold our politicians accountable for the future of this country. This is a real challenge when our own leadership says one thing in the morning news and the opposite by the evening news. And for you non-voters who don’t think your vote counts, shame on you.

Isn’t it about time that you help “reclaim our freedoms’ and ask questions why those who represent you are more concerned about being re-elected. Be pro-active. Never give in to an easier way of life unless you want to dance to the tune of the ruling government.

Check out the Indiana Armstrong Patriots Reclaiming Freedom Rally on Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Kovalchick Complex. Standing tall against tyranny is the only solution.

Pat Leach

Marion Center

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