BILL DAVIS: Negative impact on nearby residents
August 30, 2013 11:00 AM

I am writing this letter in regard to the proposed roundabout at the intersection at the end of Indiana and the beginning of East Pike. I read with pleasure the two letters from Mr. Kinter and Mr. Howarth on the financial aspect of this project. I would like to offer a new perspective on this roundabout.

In a Gazette article, Dave Layman, a project manager for PennDOT, said, “The intent is to get cars and buses through the intersection more efficiently.” I have been living roughly 100 yards away from that intersection for 23 years and not once have I ever felt that there has been an issue with congestion. I feel that there is no need to compensate for traffic that we simply don’t have.

The article also noted that drivers will spend less time getting through a roundabout because they all have equal standing. In other words, it is up to the motorists to work amongst themselves in order to navigate through the roundabout. Time and time again it has proved that drivers find much trouble in negotiating with each other on the road.

Lastly, Mr. Layman said, “There have been a lot of studies done, and roundabouts are improvements. They do provide a more efficient intersection.” Just because a roundabout proves to be more conducive in other areas does not mean it is the right fit in this situation.

I am not only speaking for myself but also on behalf of my neighbors I have spoken with in saying that we believe this roundabout will only be a hindrance on the productivity of this intersection.

We also feel that our daily commuting will be affected in a very negative aspect if this project goes through.

Bill Davis


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