BILL BALINT: Idea of East Pike roundabout 'abhorrent'
September 06, 2013 11:00 AM

I am encouraged to see many letters to the Gazette regarding the abhorrent idea of placing a roundabout at the eastern end of Philadelphia Street.

I hope many more join me in bemoaning this plan so that PennDOT may judge the public’s opinions of the foolish spending of $3 million of taxpayers’ money.

I use this intersection many times a day and the stops by the demand light require only seconds.

This is probably the fastest-moving intersection in all of District 10. My father, who was the District 10 engineer in the ’60s, must have, as they say, “turned over in his grave” with this announcement.

I would suggest that if PennDOT has money burning a hole in their pocket, they send engineers and surveyors to the intersection of 13th Street, Maple Street and Oakland Avenue.

This congested area has traffic light waits in minutes, not seconds, and may be a site for a roundabout if one has to be installed.

Bill Balint


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