ROBERT C. JOBE JR.: Obama's red line
September 12, 2013 10:20 AM

Here we go again. Our president has again used the blame game.

Only this time, it is not Bush. How refreshing. This time, it is the world and Congress.

In Obama’s speech in Sweden, he stated, “It’s not my red line, it’s the world’s red line. My credibility is not in question, it is the Congress’ credibility that is in question.”

For heaven’s sake, when is Obama going to stand up, be a leader and take responsibility for something we all know he said?

In order to get his plan passed, pictures are being shown of children suffering in Syria. It is, of course, very concerning. It is most concerning to me that the people in Washington, D.C., do not show the same sympathy for the millions of our own U.S. babies that are killed every day in the abortion clinics. Perhaps we could send a missile over them.

Concerning this red line and Syria, Congress and the Senate should be very careful. If things go well, Obama will be more than willing to take the credit. But, if they don’t go well, guess who he will blame?

Again our president does not want to get his hands dirty. But, it is OK for the Senate and Congress to do so.

Blame everyone and everything on someone else, instead of standing up like a leader of the best country in the world and taking responsibility. That’s our President Barack Hussein Obama.

Robert C. Jobe Jr.


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