DENNIS L. MUMAU: How did we end up being this way?
September 15, 2013 2:00 AM

I have lived in Indiana Borough for 52 years and the more I read the paper and look around I have to wonder: What happened?

How did we end up living in a town where others can plant a tree in front of your house, but now you’re responsible for it? Yet, before you can trim it, you must get permission and a permit. What happened? I think those who planted the trees should have to take care of them, including raking the leaves.

We have also spent tens of thousands of dollars for a stairway to nowhere (with no winter maintenance) and a too-narrow North Seventh Street with monkey bars over it and a picnic area that few will probably sit at, unless they like truck fumes and bird droppings with their food. What happened?

We still may lose our library and we have people whose homes flood every time it rains due to Marsh Run and plugged storm sewers. What happened? There was a time when the homeowners in this town were considered important.

Now the borough is hiring a lawyer to try and stop a former bed and breakfast from becoming a row house of student rentals. Maybe they should have thought about this before they already let a rental be built too close to the sidewalk so they had to change the side road into one way. What happened?

Then we have those big, square high-rise student rentals that look like they belong in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia — many of them with little or no parking. But, hey, what’s another big out-of-place building?

It’s not just the borough. Look at the school board a few years ago when they thought it more important to build a gym and cover the football field with turf instead of fixing leaking roofs, replacing bad heating systems, etc. The list could go on and on.

Our priorities are sadly mixed up and spending money is outrageous. One thing I do know is that I feel like I’m in the twilight zone just wondering: What happened?

Dennis L. Mumau


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