JOHN A. CONNELL: An open letter to all politicians
September 22, 2013 1:50 AM

Another political season is upon us. The announcements and rumors of this soap opera’s actors have begun. The unions and other PACs’ drums of battle echo from the hills. The whisper wire is humming. The machines are “gassed” up, ready to drop their “dirty bomb” advertisements. The only person not ready for this … John Q. Voter!

It is a travesty how the voting public is so turned off. They are tired of hearing political spins turning a ding-dong-ditch into terrorizing the elderly.

It is obvious the politicians’ only interest is job security. They prostitute themselves to the highest bidder. Then the special interest group “smears” the opponent so the politician can say he ran a “clean” campaign. Thus lies the problem with elections today, the political spin.

This year I challenge all politicians, unions, PACs and campaigners to take a bold step, keep your ads to promoting ideas. Take the no slander challenge.

Give John Q. Voter some credit; we are smarter than you think. We will know a good idea from a bad one. Please give us something to vote for rather than the lesser of two evils.

John A. Connell


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