RALPH R. BROWN: Proposed Center Twp. project unnecessary
September 22, 2013 2:00 AM

From the number of letters to the editor regarding the proposed roundabout on East Pike, it would seem that a lot of other people share my views on this project.

PennDOT has an equally unnecessary but much less publicized proposal for Center Township. They propose to build a connecting road between old Route 119 and new Route 119. There already is a connecting road between these two highways. It is called Greenville Road.

PennDOT’s proposal would require the purchase of several properties for the right of way as well as the construction of a new section of road. The estimated cost of their proposal is around $4 million to $5 million.

It would seem that a traffic light at the intersection of Greenville Road and new Route 119 would solve all the problems concerned with their new project.

A PennDOT spokesman tells me this idea was considered but rejected because of a projected increase in accidents should there be a traffic light installed at this intersection.

I really doubt that a new traffic light at the intersection of Greenville Road and the new Route 119 would cause a significant increase in traffic accidents, and I am certain it would be much less expensive than PennDOT’s proposal.

Ralph R. Brown

Homer City

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