BOB LANKARD: Tap into these resources
November 17, 2013 1:50 AM

“I’ve looked everywhere and there’s nothing out there,” is a line employment counselors hear frequently.

Today we will look at resources that will provide useful information, networking contacts, or even job listings.

College Placement Office. You, of course, are familiar with the office where you went for interviews as you were about to graduate. Most placement offices do provide some services to alumni by making listings of openings available. Sometimes successful graduates of a school will list a job with the university placement office. Perhaps an old college friend will apply. It is more typical for a college placement office to provide alumni with names of companies that interviewed that year or a list of companies that have hired the school’s grads.

Alumni Association. Often it is the alumni association that gets more with former grads in their job-hunting efforts. You may find a limited number of job listings. Some may be related to your major. However the most valuable information from alumni associations is for networking. You can develop your own leads from the alumni membership list. Old schoolmates can be a good source of job leads.

Not all career services/ alumni association efforts are created equal. One institution cuts off placement services after one year Other alumni organizations will provide:

• Individual counseling

• Webinars

• Networking events

• Job boards that allow alumni to post r←sum←s or search openings

• On campus interviewing or career fairs

• Assistance with job search through online courses.

Professional and Trade Association. These are excellent sources of information about your kind of work. Some have journals/publications that even feature a limited number of job listings.

The value of these associations is in the information you can obtain and the contacts you make.

Through associations you will be able to get information about your kind of work and trends in the industry. Through contacts you will make you will get leads to job openings. Job leads can also be gained though publications. Even a membership directory would be an excellent source of names for networking.

Some professional or trade associations go to the extent of having r←sum← banks or provide placement assistance for members.

AIGA is professional organization for graphic designers.

This organization has local groups in larger cities like Pittsburgh. They have meetings which discuss business trends, but are social in nature. Think of them as a business fraternity.

I suggest job seekers with a trade or profession join their group. At the very least they will get a list of members for networking purposes. Publications may also list businesses that do a certain type of work

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