LEE VEST: Indiana council's misplaced priorities
October 02, 2013 11:00 AM

The Gazette’s Sept. 4 story on Indiana Borough council (“Indiana Borough: CDBG funds to be used to pay debt”) reported on council members’ vote to pay off the borough’s bank loan for yet more streetscape improvements in the downtown commercial district. The payoff is scheduled for three years from now.

Only then, Hartman said, should residents’ concerns rise to the level of council’s concerns.

He noted that a decade has passed since council used the community development block grants to improve residential neighborhoods.

While residents might appreciate the belated recognition of the council’s long-misplaced priorities, I should note that Mr. Hartman understated council’s willful blindness to the needs of tax-paying resident homeowners.

For more than 30 years my neighbors and I have been asking borough council to stop the perennial flooding of Marsh Run, just east of the commercial district.

The flooding has sapped residents’ resources to repair water damage as it has limited the potential tax revenue that the borough could earn from an improved owner-occupied residential housing stock.

Thanks to Mr. Hartman, all council members are fully aware of the council’s long-misplaced priorities. For those of us who have repeatedly received the back of the borough’s hand on funding for infrastructure improvements, it’s nice to know that the borough is talking about helping residents beyond the business district.

But it appears to be business as usual for those of us forced to wait another three years before council might consider doing something about the needs of its flooded-out residents, too.

Lee Vest


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