Former officer charged with making threats
October 02, 2013 11:00 AM

A former Indiana Borough police officer was charged after he allegedly threatened to harm his wife and fellow officers.

According to borough police, Michael A. Rhoades, 42, made the threats during heated arguments that took place over the phone and in person on Sunday and Monday.

Police said the incident began Sunday night, when Mrs. Rhoades called to report that her husband was drunk and was threatening to harm her and the family pet.

He also threatened to burn their 14th Street home “down around her,” she told police.

Police said Mr. Rhoades sent Mrs. Rhoades several text messages, three of which said, “sorry about your dog,” “im p---ed at you” and “smashing is fun.”

Mr. Rhoades also threatened to harm any officer who tried to stop him, allegedly writing “First cop i see dies.”

Additionally, Mr. Rhoades is said to have contacted his mother-in-law on Sunday, telling her, “it’s gonna end bad.”

Mrs. Rhoades stayed elsewhere that night.

But the next morning, the argument started back up, and police were summoned to their home at 252 S. 14th St. around 10:37 a.m., according to reports.

Police said Mr. Rhoades threw objects at Mrs. Rhoades and brandished a golf club.

When police arrived, they found Mrs. Rhoades hiding behind a row of bushes and detained Mr. Rhoades on the front porch, they said.

Police said this was not the first time that domestic problems have brought officers to the Rhoades residence.

Rhoades was a patrolman who had served with the department for 9οΎ½ years before resigning in April.

No reason was given for his resignation at the time.

He is facing misdemeanor counts of simple assault and making terroristic threats and a summary count of harassment.

Rhoades was arraigned before District Judge Guy Haberl and placed in Indiana County Jail in lieu of a $50,000 cash bond.

Unable to post bail, he remained jailed as of this morning .

His attorney, Robert Manzi, declined comment this morning.

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