October 03, 2013 10:39 AM

Catholic Daughters, Ct. St. Bernard 339, Indiana, held its annual covered dish dinner on Sept. 12 in the St. Bernard’s social hall.

Attending the dinner were the new chaplain, Father Tom Federline; District Deputy Mary Ann Galonskin; and past second vice national regent Letty Calvetti.

Tables were adorned with fall leaves and baskets of apples that were given as door prizes. Many delicious foods were served.

Due to Mary Micco’s illness, vice regent Josephine Valenti is now regent. She pledged two new members, Sherri Palmer and Barbara Minor, to the court.

An election of vice regent was held. Nominated was Dorothy Maniccia and she accepted.

Newly appointed district deputy for Court St. Bernard, Mary Ann Galonski, installed Josephine Valenti as regent and Dorothy Maniccia, as vice regent.

National news was read by the regent. She stated the National Convention will be held in Billings, Mont., in July 2014. The education contest will be held in April. There will be more details later. The themes are “Jesus Loves Us,” “How Do We Spread the Love?” and “How Do I Promote Peace in the World?”

State Regent Peggy Guckin announced the national convention will be held in Pittsburgh in 2015.

Ten members stood honor guard at a Mass for member Maxine Previte, who passed away on Sept. 2. A Mass card and donation toward their dinner was given to the family.

Legislation chairwoman Gloria Kanick stated that the U.S. Converence of Catholic Bishops has released eight pamphlets: Life Matters, Religious Liberty and the American SOUL, Conscience Protection in Healthcare, Contraceptives and Women’s Well Being, Call to Greatness, Pornography and Our Call to Love, and Responding to Unplanned Pregnancy.

Kanick also reported on DCCW events.

They hosted a covered-dish dinner for the sisters at St. Emmas, Greensburg.

Attending the dinner were Gloria Kanick, Josephine Valenti, Mary Violi, Pat Hartwell and Irene Hradnasky. They also held a calendar party at Bishops Center, Greensburg. Attending were Kanick and Valenti. Games were played.

The interfaith pro-life breakfast will be held Saturday.

Call Kanick if you plan to attend.

Pat Hartwell reported on the grandmothers’ corps. All women of the parish are welcome to attend. The meeting is held the first Monday of each month at 8:30 a.m. in the social hall.

Joy Behr, education chairwoman, is asking members to get involved in the contest with poetry, art and photography.

The regent reported on the salad bar luncheon card party on Sept. 25.

Bon Ton coupons are being handled by the vice regent. She’s also doing the WRAP campaign and needs volunteers.

Sabina Fiala is still collecting coupons for the soliders’ commissaries.

Julie Receski thanked everyone for contributing to the Pathway Shelter.

The reception of new members will be held Oct. 10 at the social hall. Anyone wishing to join should call the regent for an application at (724) 465-2534.

Calvetti reported on the Christmas party to be held Dec. 12 at the Rustic Lodge. Guests are permitted. More details will come later.

Court Columbia, Meadville, is celebrating its 103rd anniversary on Oct. 26. The deadline for reservations is Oct. 12. Call the regent if you plan to attend.

A special thank-you was given to the officers and committee for the delicious covered-dish dinner. Door prize winners were Sabina Fiala, Barbara Norland, Annette Cusimano, Elaine Busovicki, Nancy Maloney and Susan Shaffer.

Next month’s meeting will be the reception of new members at 7 p.m.

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