October 04, 2013 10:45 AM

Fifteen Indiana County 4-H horse club members have qualified for 24 classes in the State 4-H Horse Show as a result of high placings at the District 10 4-H Horse Show held recently in Fayette County. More than 220 members from five counties competed for a chance to attend the state show.

Members from the county who brought home first-place qualifying awards were James Barnhart, Walk Trot Equitation Minimum Assistance; Lauren Overdorff, Senior Saddle Seat Equitation and Saddle Seat Pleasure Trotting; Haley Brooks, Junior Saddle Seat Equitation; Maggie Carty, Senior Hunt Seat Equitation Over Fences; Alexis Latson, Working Hunter Ponies, Hunter Hack Ponies, Junior Hunt Seat Equitation, and Hunter Under Saddles Ponies; Kelsey Cunningham, Low Working Hunter Ponies; and Paige Almes, Hunter Hack Horses and Junior Classic Hunter Under Saddle Horses.

Second-place qualifiers were Khylee Maglione, Junior Western Pleasure Horse and Junior Open Trail Horse; Katie Peters, Miniature Horse In Hand Trail; Alexis Zaragoza, Junior Saddle Seat Equitation and Saddle Seat Pleasure Trotting; Brianna Dillon, Hunter Hack Horses; Allyson Ghiardi, Hunter Under Saddle Ponies; and Elizabeth Bruner, Pleasure Pony Driving.

Several members also qualified with third-place finishes: Savanna Smith, Clover Leaf Barrel Race Pony; Angela Moretti, Senior Western Horsemanship; and Paige Almes, Junior Hunt Seat Equitation. James Barnhart also qualified with a fourth place finish in Obstacle Trail Minimum Assistance.

Several other members from the county also placed well in their classes. Top finishers in English classes were Emily Vojtek, fourth, Senior Grooming and Showmanship, and fifth, Senior Breed Type Hunter Under Saddle Horse; Alexis Zaragoza, seventh, Junior Grooming and Showmanship; Allyson Ghiardi, eighth, Junior Grooming and Showmanship, seventh, Hunter Hack Pony, third, Junior Hunt Seat Equitation Over Fences, and fifth, Working Hunter Pony; Jacqueline Little, third, Junior Saddle Seat Equitation; Haley Brooks, third, Saddle Seat Pleasure Trotting; Madison Woodward, fourth in both Senior Hunt Seat Equitation Over Fences and Working Hunter Pony; Taylor Lecce, fifth in both Senior Hunt Seat Equitation Over Fences and Hunter Under Saddle Pony; Maggie Carty, third, Working Hunter Horse, and seventh, Senior Classic Hunter Under Saddle Horse; Brianna Dillon, fourth, Working Hunter Horse, and sixth, Senior Classic Hunter Under Saddle Horse; Denali Davis, fifth in both Low Working Hunter Horse and Senior Classic Hunter Under Saddle; Paige Almes, seventh, Low Working Hunter Horse; Kelsey Cunningham, fourth, Senior Classic Hunter Under Saddle Horse; and Montana McCloskey, fifth, Junior Hunt Seat Equitation.

Western class awards went to Angela Moretti, seventh, Senior Grooming and Showmanship, and fourth, Senior Western Pleasure Horse; Khylee Maglione, fifth in both Junior Grooming and Showmanship and Junior Western Horsemanship; Alex Ruffner, seventh in both Senior Western Horsemanship and Senior Western Pleasure Horse; Braedon Sheesley, fifth, Junior Western Pleasure Horse; and Cloe Bowser, seventh, Junior Western Pleasure Horse.

Game class winners were Savannah Smith, fifth, Pole Bending Pony; Baylee Sergent, fifth, Senior Keyhole Horse; and Ethan Bracken, fifth, Junior Keyhole Horse Junior Rider.

In beginner classes, top finishers were Morgan Daugherty, first, Western Equitation, seventh, Western Pleasure, and fourth, Trail; Taylor Sheesley, third, Showmanship, and seventh, Western Equitation; Emmi Bracken, seventh, Showmanship; Elizabeth Bruner, fifth, English Equitation, and fifth, English Pleasure; Andrew Adams, sixth, Western Equitation, and fifth, Western Pleasure; and Samantha Zaragoza, sixth, Western Pleasure.

Top Senior Miniature Horse Driving finishers were Paige Henry, sixth, and Tori Lichtenfels, seventh. In the Junior division, Katie Peters was third and Paige Almes fourth. Tori Lichtenfels was eighth in Miniature Trail. Abigail Bruner was fifth in both Walk Trot Equitation and Obstacle Trail Minimum Assistance.

Other participants in the show were Kayla Cahill, Shyan Dillon, Kelsey Henry, Grace Rougeaux, Aleesha Spaid and Rachel Sproat.

Four-H volunteers serving on the show committee were Pam Nealer and stewards Julie Moretti and Beth Almes.

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