INDIANA: Seniors celebrate at class picnic
October 11, 2013 10:40 AM
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On Sept. 23, the Student Government Association hosted its annual senior class picnic.

This popular and well-attended event was held for the senior class and featured a giant sheet cake, assorted snacks and, of course, the much-anticipated and highly contested kickball tournament.

Bringing on a wave of nostalgia, students were divided into teams based on the elementary school they attended six years ago.

The kickball games which followed brought out the true Indianan in everyone who participated.

After a relaxed start with little interest in the game itself, the game quickly became competitive enough to rival the soccer game happening not 10 yards away.

“While it was intense and competitive during games, the atmosphere was carefree and very fun,” said senior Kaitlyn Hoff, Eisenhower Elementary graduate.

The tournament began with East Pike and Eisenhower facing off while there was also a showdown between Ben Franklin and Horace Mann.

The victors of the two preliminary games, East Pike and Ben Franklin, played each other in the championship.

After a hard-fought game filled with good-natured arguing and across-the-board participation, Ben Franklin was crowned victor, concluding Indiana Area Senior High School’s 10th consecutive kickball tournament.

In 2003, a senior suggested adding a kickball tournament to the senior class picnic — a savvy decision which has since become the main attraction of the event, with students beginning to predict the tournament’s outcome weeks in advance, trying to gauge the distribution of athletic prowess among elementary schools.

Another student-oriented event spectacularly organized by SGA, the senior class picnic serves as a pleasurable memory on the timeline of a senior’s high school career.

Upcoming classes hope that the kickball tournament and picnic will continue to be featured.

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