Letter to the Editor: At wit's end in White Township
October 15, 2013 10:55 AM

I would personally like to thank the developers who have recently come to our town from far, far away, built their gold mines in the form of upscale student rentals, and then have gone back to the comforts of wherever they call home.

I now have to lock my doors, because just over the hill some of these kids find it OK to just walk into someone’s home and relieve themselves because they are too “confused” to find their way back over the hill to their little city.

Yes, in at least two instances in my quiet little neighborhood, two of my neighbors have had this happen, or similar circumstances.

I don’t know about the rest of you who live here, but I personally am tired of worrying when the next rash of stupid behavior will start.

Will it be next homecoming? Halloween? Graduation day?

Yes, I know not all students are to be classified as havoc makers.

Matter of fact, I used to manage student rentals and I loved working with 95 percent of them; it’s the 5 percent that made me crazy.

My point here is, I moved to White Township to avoid the student population, and raise my kids in a safe, quiet environment. Now I live closer to a student rental facility than if I lived on frat row myself.

Kicker is, I can’t get in to see them, being that it’s a private gated community and all, but they certainly don’t have any trouble coming to visit me and my neighbors!

Again I say, thanks, big developer. Hope it’s worth it.

Kristie Clark

White Township

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