Letter to the Editor: Let's hear some cheering from fans at Purchase Line
October 17, 2013 10:50 AM

I am the proud parent of a Purchase Line High School Red Dragons football player. I attend every game, home or away. I cheer as loud as I can whether they are winning or losing.

The problem is there are not many of us who cheer at all. I am proud of my son and his teammates, no matter what happens. Maybe it comes from my years of growing up in Cleveland, cheering for underdogs, that makes me that way.

I can’t believe that when a player on the sidelines turns to the crowd and moves his arms up and down trying to get people to cheer, they don’t.

It frustrates me when the team enters the field and there is practically no noise from the stands. You might as well just tell them you don’t care.

It angers me that there seems to be so little support from the “fans.” I would encourage anyone who attends any high school football game to consider that they are cheering on our future.

They need to know we are behind them, supporting them in their endeavors.

When I am standing there cheering like crazy, I hope the rest of you will join me.

Jessica Bish

Glen Campbell

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