Letter to the Editor: Conservatives tired of compromising
October 20, 2013 1:20 AM

To our elected officials:

There are a lot of us who are tired of the compromise coming at the expense of us taxpaying, working stiffs. We mean the ones who really pay in and do not get it all returned in April.

Fiscal and social conservatives have given up way too much over the years and we have had it. It seems a small percentage of loud mouths get what they want all the time.

We demand the Ten Commandments are back in the courthouse and schools.

Do they even say the Pledge of Allegiance anymore in school? We are certain the real history of our country and that it was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs are not taught.

When we talk to co-workers, they are not aware of what this president did during the shutdown: for example, putting barriers around open-air, free-to-get-in parks and memorials just to inflict pain on the subjects. This is one of the most despicable things we have ever heard of.

The next is that Congress passed a law giving back pay to furloughed federal workers who have been laid off due to the government shutdown.

What sense does that make to pay people to sit at home?

Why are federal workers above the minions? Any private sector workers out there ever get back pay for being laid off?

It is not funny at all that the tax money we pay, that you people must think is owed to you, and you now continue to borrow and spend what you do not have.

The time is now to stop. We should stop raising the debt ceiling.

Do whatever is necessary to live within the means like the rest of us.

It is coming when the tax-paying workforce shrinks, and there will be no more money for the government to waste, like funding “Oh no, I am going to be a parent; oh wait, Planned Parenthood fixed that.”

Fellow Americans:

There is a monster on the loose and our heads are in the noose (Steppenwolf), and we need to get letters, phone calls and emails to our elected officials and tell them we have had it.

Dan and Lora Evanick


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