APOLLO-RIDGE ELEMENTARY: Students fill others' buckets
October 25, 2013 11:00 AM
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SPRING CHURCH — In Apollo-Ridge Elementary School, we have begun a program that is all about filling people’s buckets.

When you do something kind for a person, like help them or compliment them, you are filling their bucket. You are also filling your own bucket at the same time. When your bucket is full, you feel happy.

When you are caught filling someone’s bucket, you will get a star. Students put their name on the star and a sentence describing how you got your star. That star is then stapled to the Bucket Filler Bulletin Board. There are several throughout the school.

Students in our school were read a book from fourth- and fifth-grade science teacher Jason Wagner, and elementary librarian Kathy Higgins.

The book is titled “Filling Buckets for Kids.” It is about a boy who realizes everyone has their own invisible bucket, representing their feelings. When the boy is bullied, some of the water comes out of his bucket. When someone does something kind for him, some of the water goes back into his bucket. The boy also discovers when he is kind to someone else, it fills that person’s bucket and his own.

At different points in the year, the stars are removed and a prize drawing is held. Also, the grade level wing with the most stars wins a party. Prizes were purchased from money raised during a schoolwide fundraiser.

Second-grade teacher Deb Romano said, “I really like the program because we get to recognize all of our kind bucket fillers.”

Students in Apollo-Ridge Elementary agree with Romano’s statement.

All students and staff hope that this program will make our already kind Apollo-Ridge Elementary School even kinder.

PHOTO:  Apollo-Ridge Elementary students Kate Myers and Ben Smoyer, fourth-graders, are pictured in front of one of the school’s Bucket Filler Bulletin Boards.  (Apollo-Ridge Elementary School)

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