INDIANA: Quiz Bowl team competes
October 25, 2013 10:50 AM
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On Tuesday, Indiana Area Senior High School’s academic Quiz Bowl team began their regular season with a promising start in matches held at Purchase Line High School.

Quiz Bowl is divided into two teams of five, junior varsity and varsity, plus one alternate who can be put into the rotation at any time in the match.

The junior varsity team is on stage for 15 questions, while the varsity team has the opportunity to buzz in for 25 questions.

Students are asked a variety of questions from diverse categories such as sports, history, geography, religion/mythology, mathematics, literature and music. Questions range in difficulty from relatively easy to nearly impossible, testing the limits of the contestants’ knowledge.

Junior Christian Santos said, “Over ninety percent of the questions I did not know, so it’s nice to have people like Thomas Nakrosis and Paul Birch on the team.”

The team is composed of seven seniors: Brendan Bertig, Tim Fairman, Isaac Mastalski, Kevin McCreary, Nakrosis, Nyla Numan and Rachel Floyd; and four juniors: Birch, Santos, A.J. Shellenbarger and Peyton Smith.

The team is advised by Michael Bertig, a history teacher at Indiana Area Senior High School.

He has coached the team for six seasons and has the second-most winning record of all Indiana coaches.

In their matches on Tuesday, Indiana’s varsity team won all three of their matches, even shutting out Purchase Line’s varsity squad.

The junior varsity team suffered two close losses, but was able to pull through in their last match with an 8-1 victory.

The team is expected to do well in the playoffs on Dec. 16.

Last year, Indiana’s varsity team won the championship and the junior varsity team came in a very close second.

Birch, a returning member and last year’s MVP, replied when asked about expectations for the team the season, “I have high expectations for the team this season, and I have hope that we will emerge victorious.”

The team plays their last two matches on Nov. 12 at home in Indiana where they hope to secure a number seed for the playoffs.

PHOTO: Indiana Area Senior High School Quiz Bowl members, from left, Nyla Numan, Brendan Bertig, Rachel Floyd, Christian Santos and Tim Fairman prepared for the next Quiz Bowl round. (Michael Bertig/Indiana Area Senior High School)

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