BLAIRSVILLE: Graduation program changes
October 25, 2013 10:40 AM

BLAIRSVILLE — Blairsville High School has changed the way upcoming high school students graduate. The class of 2017 will participate in a more involved process for their graduation project. The largest change in the graduation project will be the requirement of 20 hours of community service each year of high school.

In addition to community service, new freshmen will collect data on two career clusters and career options available on the jobs they picked. When the new freshmen become sophomores, they will focus on bringing the clusters down to three specific careers. At this point, they will present information on a career and present an ePortfolio.

Junior year, they have to narrow down the three careers they chose from sophomore year, to one career and write down a mathematical piece explaining the wages, what schools offer this major and training that is necessary. They also have to do a job shadowing during the first nine weeks.

When they hit senior year, students will create a r←sum←, cover letter, letter of recommendation, complete a college or job application and have a career presentation.

Before this change, high school students created portfolios of six entries that represented their best schoolwork for the year. Responding to the new requirements, freshman Travis Lenhardt said, “I feel upset about the portfolio entries because there is so much work to do.”

Senior Katie Davis feels differently.

“Even though I don’t have to do this new method, I wish I did because this new way is preparing them better for the future,” she said.

The handbook for the new graduation project is available on the school district website at www.

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