Letter to the Editor: Looking at facts on Obama's record
October 28, 2013 10:20 AM

Call me a hack, a liar, a fool. Better yet, call me civil, factual and responsible. Even better identify me as the daughter of a D-Day infantryman, the wife of a Vietnam Marine veteran and the mother of an Iraq War combat veteran who is still serving as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Now be sure to include details that clearly report that the Honor Flights (the privately supported flights of WWII vets to the D.C. monument) were not denied by the park service at any time during the infamous government shutdown.

Add to that report that the current commander in chief has brought an end to the Iraq War and has pledged an end to involvement in Afghanistan in 2014. Recognize the fact that over the last four years, several American military heroes were awarded the nation’s highest honor in ceremonies conducted at the White House.

Add also that Michelle Obama (wife of the current commander in chief) and Jill Biden (wife of the current vice president) have spent countless hours devoting time and bringing attention to the plight of military families.

Finally, include the simple lessons of civics that it is the legislative branch of government (Congress) that is responsible for expenditures of the government (i.e. survivor’s benefits) and that the law had to be passed before it could be signed by the president.

Finish with the realization that it is not really difficult to be civil, factual or responsible.

Then again, anger is so much easier, so much more divisive than civility. Time to change that tone.

Josephine Cunningham


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