CALVARY BAPTIST ACADEMY: Students honor families at Parent Appreciation Night
November 01, 2013 10:50 AM
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The students at Calvary Baptist Academy in Clymer presented what they called Parent Appreciation Night on Tuesday.

Each of the high school students had written a paper expressing what their parents mean to them.

Special parts from each of these papers were then put into one speech read to the parents by Andy Knupp, a senior, and Isaiah Sharp, a sophomore.

Also as part of the program, the high school choir sang the song “Keeper of the Home”; the young men’s ensemble sang an arrangement of “Stand Up for Jesus”; and the band played a hymn medley.

The elementary choir sang “I Belong to the King” and “Children of the Heavenly Father.” The kindergartners (K-4 and K-5) delighted their parents by singing “God Is So Good.”

After the program ended, the principal talked with the parents about upcoming events.

Afterwards there were refreshments, totally enjoyed by all. The students did well in their program, delighting their parents.

With two months completed, things are starting to pick up a little bit at Calvary Baptist Academy.

This past Friday marked the end of the first term, and thus report cards went out on Tuesday. Perhaps some students are making lists of the extra chores they will do around the house in order to lessen the blow of the report cards.

Also today and tomorrow, both the volleyball and soccer teams are looking forward to participating in the KCEA state tournament in Lebanon.

The students always look forward to this exciting time when they can go and compete with schools from different places within the state. If the teams come home with the title of KCEA state champion, that is always a plus.

Furthermore, today was an exciting time for the elementary students, for this was the day for their fall parties. The students enjoyed the special games and food.

Also, in the halls of the academy hangs the sign-up sheet for basketball. Both the male and female teams look forward to playing basketball and competing with many other schools as well. With all these activities around the academy, all the students are very excited.

PHOTO:  Kindergarteners from Calvary Baptist Academy performed for their parents at Parent Appreciation Night.

From left, are Emma Dawley, Austin Robertson, Maggie Murray, Troy Rattigan, Mikayla Mortimer and Zander Davis. (Submitted photo/Calvary Baptist Academy)

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