Letter to the Editor: Board voted for referendum
November 04, 2013 11:00 AM

I read with amazement the erroneous political ad on Page 5 in Saturday’s Gazette sponsored by the Citizens for Effective Schools PAC.

The action taken by the Indiana Area School District board on Monday, Oct. 28, was misrepresented as a 12 mill tax increase.

The motion that was passed by a 7-2 majority was to begin the process of a voter referendum on the question of maintaining the district’s facilities in their current configuration, adding 7.5 elementary staff and adding 4 RTII specialists while maintaining current programs. The motion that was actually passed by the board was for a referendum and not a tax increase. It would be utterly impossible for such a vote to be taken under current Pennsylvania law. The individuals that participated in the League of Women Voters open forum are all fully aware that no school board can approve a 12 mill tax increase under Act 1 of the Pennsylvania law.

Plainly said, there was no vote to approve a 12 mill tax increase — it was a vote to allow the taxpayers to approve or reject such a measure in the May primary.

Tom Harley


Indiana school board


• EDITOR’S NOTE: Although the Gazette’s deadline for letters to the editor pertaining to the Nov. 5 election has passed, we are publishing Tom Harley’s response in the interest of fairness.

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