SALTSBURG: Elementary students learn about the weather
November 15, 2013 11:00 AM
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SALTSBURG — On Oct. 30, Pennsylvania State Police Officer John Matchik visited the Saltsburg Elementary School to discuss bullying and how to prevent it.

Matchik showed the students an educational video about bullying and showed them ways they could be bullied.

He informed them that bullying can occur by telephone, in person, or most commonly by Internet. He taught them to be a “S.T.A.R.” — which stands for Stand Together Act Responsible.

Matchik said that bullying is “a learned behavior — kids are picking things up at home and things transition and carry over into the school environment. (Because of technological advancements,) we see it becoming more problematic at a younger and younger age. It’s imperative for schools to incorporate programs like this —educational opportunities for them, so that kids understand the right things to do and how to act.”

On Nov. 6, KDKA meteorologist Dennis Bowman visited Saltsburg Elementary School for a weather and safety program.

Bowman started his presentation with a magic trick involving a coloring book fully colored. He flipped through the pages and showed the book again, but this time the book was not colored. Bowman related the changes in the book to the ever-changing weather patterns and atmosphere.

Bowman then performed a ventriloquist act narrating a story about the sun and the wind.

He taught the students how the winds are produced and the dangers of storms. He stated, “When thunder roars, go indoors.”

He also taught them the dangers of rain and flooding adding, “Turn around, don’t drown.” For his last performance, Bowman demonstrated a tornado with dry ice in an upright chamber.

Why does Bowman care so much about educating the public on weather?

He said, “weather is something that affects everybody — not everybody is a Penguins fan, not everybody cares what one politician said to another, but everybody is going to be affected by the weather, and so it is an important job.”

Bowman stated that sometimes weather is critical to discuss because it can be a life or death situation, which is why his job is so important.

“Plus,” Bowman added, “we don’t have everything all figured out; we still have more to learn with our science, so it’s an on-going study to make the weather forecast better each year.”

Also on Nov. 6, Saltsburg’s senior class sponsored its annual powderpuff game. The seniors dominated the juniors with a winning score of 18-0.

The senior coaches were Steve Richards, Tony Salandra, Tyler Bendis, Tommy Roman, Lucas Mowery and Arthur McGuire. The junior coaches were Jacob Grguric, James Beitel, Zachary Sinclair, Caleb Treece and Tyler Frassenei. Faculty coaches for the seniors were Darrin Baker and Geoff Dixon. The juniors’ faculty coaches were Josh Cunningham and Lauren Falcsik.

On Nov. 7, Saltsburg student council held a blood drive for local recipients at the high school. The blood drive had received 56 donors, and collected 50 usable pints. The Central Blood Bank sponsors a scholarship for students where schools earn points for every participating donor. Money will be awarded to schools based on the number of points earned.

Saltsburg competitive majorettes will be kicking off their annual Rada Cutlery fundraiser.

If you would like to purchase cutlery, please contact the high school office or order from a majorette.

PHOTO:  Pennsylvania State Police Trooper John Matchik recently visited Saltsburg Elementary School to present an anti-bullying program.

PHOTO: KDKA meteorologist Dennis Bowman visited Saltsburg Elementary School recently. (Submitted photo/Saltsburg High School)

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