Letter to the Editor: Many are deserving of disability assistance
November 24, 2013 1:19 AM

This letter is response to Crystal Patterson, of Commodore, and her generalization that everyone receiving Social Security Disability is “lazy” and eating into her future retirement payments from the Social Security trust fund.

Let’s be clear. We all pay (or have paid) FICA taxes into Social Security. FICA stands for Federal Insurance Contributions Act. I worked for more than 25 years and paid this tax. I have suffered for the better part of my life with manic depression, or bipolar, disorder. In fact, I have suffered with it my entire adult working life.

From 2007 on, my illness became worse, and I was hospitalized numerous times for suicidal thoughts and actions. With help from a case manager, I obtained a lawyer who reviewed my case and aided me during the appeals process after my being turned down for SSD. He old me he doubted that my appeal would be rejected, and he was right.

Based on review of my medical condition, I was eligible for what I paid into, and I obtained Social Security Disability as well as Medicare, another great American program I paid into.

Is there some source that says all of us on SSD are lazy? Perhaps Ms. Patterson may even condemn some generational “laziness” in my case. My father seriously injured his back in the coal mines in 1987 and he also receives SSD. Is he equally undeserving of what he paid into?

If Pope Francis asks, “Who am I to judge?” how then can people be righteous enough to judge others as lazy or unworthy of help? Do they have access to some divine source that lists the lazy people on SSD or tells them who is suffering and who is not? It would be nice to see the source of this all-knowingness instead of just a judgmental rant.

Jeffrey Fulmer


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