December 01, 2013 1:45 AM

“I TELL people that there are periods where we’re shooting movies or editing films, we’re not sleeping for two days straight, but somehow that adrenaline keeps you going because you’re fulfilling your passions.”

Natalia Kaniasty, an Indiana native, talking about life as a film student at New York University, during a visit home to shoot a movie set in western Pennsylvania


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“THE GROUP grew from five members to 860 members almost overnight. My phone is going off day and night with people wanting to donate.”

Shauna McMillan, of Robinson, who with neighbor Angel Botti created a Facebook page, “Friendly Neighbors,” that serves as a hub for community volunteers looking to help those in need


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“I’VE HAD a couple of families tell me they don’t exchange presents any more, they pick tags off a tree.”

Linda Donnelly, a coordinator of Treasures for Children, on the generosity shown by Indiana County residents in adopting needy families for holiday gift-giving

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