ICTC: Ninth-graders welcomed on tour of tech center
December 13, 2013 11:00 AM
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At the Indiana County Technology Center, we believe that the future is all about technical education, which is why we take four days out of the month of December to host a showcase for the ninth-grade students that attend the eight sending schools assigned to the ICTC.

Every year after the Thanksgiving break, ninth-graders from the eight schools: Marion Center, Purchase Line, Penns Manor, Homer-Center, Blairsville, Saltsburg, Indiana and United take a tour of all 14 program areas offered at ICTC to get a better grasp of what career and technical education is all about.

Current students, instructors, and staff prepare fun activities and hands on projects for the showcase to interest the ninth-graders in their shops.

At the end of the tour, students get a ticket that gives them the option of coming back to shadow program areas that interested them the most. They can chose two program areas to shadow and get a more in depth look at what the program areas have to offer.

[PHOTO: The hosts for the ninth-grade showcase recently at Indiana County Technology Center were, from left, Kaylyn Fairman, Halee Reasor, Zach Edwards, Lindsey Weaver, Mitchel Meagher and DJ Ben Jammin’ (Benjamin Crawford). (Torri Miller/Indiana County Technology Center photo)]

Activities are put together not only in the program areas, but also while the students are having lunch. Trivia questions are asked and then a drawing to play “Dance Central” on the Xbox Kinect are just a two of the many fun and exciting things you can experience during your day.

So far, already two schools have visited for tours and the fun has just started as we welcome the other six to the ICTC next week.

National Technical Honor Society induction

The National Technical Honor Society is for students who attend a technology center and maintain academic excellence at both ICTC and their home schools. Students are inducted based upon their academic achievements with a score of 94 percent in all of their classes at ICTC and their home schools.

The NTHS also recognizes students who are involved with community service, show good leadership skills and display good attitude.

[PHOTO: The National Technical Honor Society held inductions Wednesday at the Indiana County Technology Center. In the front row, from left, are Tristen Fisher, new member; Angela Ferringer, secretary/treasurer; Monica Phillips, president; and Fiona Kalu and Courtney Taylor, new members; and back row, Jacob Shank, new member; Stanley Turcheck, vice president; and Bailey Catalano, Austin Cramer and Cody Dressler, new members. (Submitted photo/Indiana County Technology Center)

ICTC students were inducted at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday. On induction night, NTHS recognized seven new members: Bailey Catalano, Austin Cramer, Cody Dressler, Tristen Fisher, Jacob Shank, Fiona Kalu and Courtney Taylor.

Family and friends helped celebrate the new inductees accomplishments by attending the induction ceremony. During this ceremony students gave a presentation and lit candles for the NTHS pledge. The students recognize the seven attributes of being an NTHS member: skill, honesty, service, responsibility, scholarship, citizenship and leadership.

The goal of the National Technical Honor Society is to recognize deserving students, their talents and abilities of young people and adults who choose technical education pathways to be successful in the future. The president of NTHS is Monica Phillips, vice president is Stanley Turcheck and secretary/treasurer is Angela Ferringer.

Once the student is inducted they can participate in different community service activities. This year the students will be holding a Santa’s workshop for the Indiana Head Start, and will be participating in a charity Cancer Walk as well as visiting nursing homes.

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