Beeken takes 'X Factor' outcome in stride, keeps focus on his future
December 14, 2013 10:59 AM
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Even though Zach Beeken is disappointed following Restless Road being voted off Fox’s “The X Factor” on Thursday, he’s happy to have had the experience.

“We went into (Thursday) night knowing that we did everything that we could,” Beeken said. “We gave it all we could on Wednesday night, and every week.

“We were really sad but I never thought we would be on the top four of ‘The X Factor.’”

Beeken, 17, of Indiana, made his debut on the live singing competition on Sept. 26, when a previously recorded clip of his audition was shown. The live competition then began in early October, starting with 40 contestants.

Weeks later, Beeken and his band were among the final four contestants on the show before being voted off this week. He’s OK with that, though.

“Part of us was definitely like ‘we should move on,’” he said. “Everyone does deserve to move on, but it can’t always happen that way … I always kind of hoped we’d make it through.

“For whatever reason, America chose a different path and that’s OK.”

It’s not over for Restless Road, though. Beeken said that the band will continue to perform together. The band hasn’t been offered any recording contracts yet, but he believes that will change after the show wraps up next week.

“We’re definitely going to stick together. We’ve had high hopes and a lot of people we’ve been working with believe in us.

“We’re going to keep going with it. … We’ve written a couple of songs together and, whether we get signed or not, we’re going to still take charge and try to make it happen.”

Though he was able to do many live performances, his favorite throughout the course of the show, he said, was on Dec. 4 when Restless Road performed an unplugged version of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.” That performance hit the No. 1 sales spot for the country genre on iTunes by Dec. 5.

“That was kind of a special moment,” he said about the Dec. 4 performance. “It was our best performance and the moment we realized ‘we can do this.’ It was just something you kind of, you can’t put your finger on it. I won’t forget that night.”

The show gave Beeken and band members Colton Pack and Andrew Scholz the opportunity to meet and work with many celebrities and fellow artists, including former contestants of previous seasons of “The X Factor” — his most-loved being the time he spent with One Direction, a group that was also started during the United Kingdom’s version of the show.

“It was cool talking with the One Direction guys,” Beeken said. “They’re one of the biggest acts in the world and when you’re talking to them it’s just like talking to any other guy.

“They’ve had so much success and it’s cool getting to talk to them and seeing what it could be like if we play our cards right.”

Beeken will be in Los Angeles until late next week and will still perform with Restless Road on next week’s finale of “The X Factor.” There will also be a wrap-up party for all of the acts that competed on the show.

Then, he will be back to Indiana on Friday, a day, he said, he cannot wait for. He said that he not only thanks his Indiana fans, but is excited to see them.

“I just want to say ‘thank you’ so much. I’ve seen videos and pictures of my school, the dry cleaners (Buggy’s, where Beeken works), and everyone supporting and going to The Coney having viewing parties. I don’t feel like I deserve all that,” he said.

He never thought that this fame and opportunity would happen to him.

“It’s a really special feeling. It’ll be nice to come back next week and see everyone who has been supporting me. It means so much.”

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