CARL KOLOGIE: Indiana backs Beeken
December 15, 2013 1:49 AM

There were a lot of disappointed people in the Indiana area when Restless Road didn’t make the cut into the finals of Fox’s “The X-Factor.”

If you were not a follower, the trio of teenagers — which included Indiana’s Zach Beeken — had made a successful run, surviving 10 weeks of competition as they made it to the final four of the Fox network show.

Beeken was teamed up with Colton Pack of West Virginia and Andrew Scholz of South Carolina as they got the attention of viewers all over the nation with their renditions of country music.

A group made up of Beeken’s family, co-workers from One Hour Downtown Dry Cleaners, and friends met in the back bar room at The Coney on Wednesday evening to watch the show.

At the time no one knew that Restless Road had been eliminated — that was not announced until Thursday night after all the votes had been tabulated.

There was even talk that a film crew would be coming to Indiana this week if the group had made it to the finals.

But according to Janet Buggy, owner of the dry cleaning business, the crew had been detoured from Indiana and was being sent to South Carolina.

Regardless, it was a great run for the young stars and from all indications they have already embarked on a career where the sky’s the limit.

Good luck, guys.

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On Thursday morning, Tim Harley, executive director of the Jimmy Stewart Museum, along with several officers of the Jimmy Stewart Museum Foundation board of directors, were asked to be judges at the Fall 2013 Great Golden MacGuffin Film Festival in Beard Auditorium, Stouffer Hall, on the IUP campus.

Students in communications media were divided into groups and produced short films, no longer than five minutes, that focused on the life and significant contributions of actor and Indiana native Jimmy Stewart,

There were a total of 15 films covering various aspects of his military career, his hometown, his Academy Award and his many films, including “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

All the films were well-done, but our judging panel, which included Pauline Simms and Carson Greene, was asked to select a top three with the winners to be awarded a plaque that remains at the university with their names inscribed.

The MacGuffin, a term coined by Hitchcock, is any object within a film that is earnestly sought by the major characters. Thus, the symbol of the film festival is the Maltese Falcon, a quintessential MacGuffin.

Dr. Jim Lenze is the instructor of the class and said “the purpose of the film festival is to inspire the newest communications media students at IUP to seek excellence in their media production work.”

One of the students, Elise Myers, of Indiana, interviewed both Rich Little and Stewart’s daughter, Judy, when they were in town recently for the George Bailey Awards. And yes, her film was one of the top three selected by the judges. It was an interesting, and very entertaining, morning.

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