Letter to the Editor: Wage diktat
December 23, 2013 10:29 AM

Marx, Lenin and Hegel openly advocated in the pages of this newspaper? Income equality! Only “pretending” we need less government control? One party control of all branches of government needed! Central government intervention in setting wages! Sounds like something from TASS.

Sorry, Mr. Dembosky, we are not the Soviet Union — yet! That experiment ended in failure. Why would we want to go there? Will progressive/liberal/socialist/communists never learn from history? Collectivism has never worked, and it never will. People are motivated by self-interest. So are companies. If you are desirous of paying your employees more, you are free to do so, but forcing me to join you is inappropriate. If I pay my employees too little, they will go where their skills earn more.

Government, albeit clever, is stupid when trying to buy votes by dictating workers’ pay. Employers are smart. When government wage coercion is uneconomic, companies evade by sending jobs to where labor is cheaper, or by eliminating jobs through automation. And government is always so surprised when jobs disappear and higher unemployment blossoms as a result.

Big Government and its acolytes chafe that their grand plan for social control is thwarted.

They blame “greedy business” when employers evade coercion to treat their workers (who have neither investment nor risk in their work) to a lifestyle in common with the employers, who have all the risk and investment in skills and material.

Liberals establish a “poverty level” so high that most of the world’s population would think they had died and gone to heaven to be poor in the USA. Illegals flood our borders to take wages less than the minimum as it is. They live well and save, while our “poor” often find it better to go on welfare than work.

Sure, they complain they can’t live the lifestyle they see on TV, but at least they have the TV, and the car, and free medical care, and the heat, and the electricity, and the fridge and the …

All of this stuff is not free. It is stolen by government from taxpayers’ hard work and success. It is axiomatic that when government taxes something they get less of it. Do we really want less hard work and less success?

McClellan Blair


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