Letter to the Editor: 2013 has been bad year for president
December 24, 2013 10:19 AM

I feel his pain. It was a very bad year for the president. The media almost daily make sure that we all understand what a bad year it was for the president. What the media fail to mention with all this doom, gloom and bad luck for the president is who the real losers are: the American people.

Well, let’s see. For a start there is the train wreck called Obamacare.

Even if the introduction had gone flawlessly, Obamacare would still be a train wreck. The president’s multiple lies about keeping your doctor and your health insurance company went by the wayside a long time ago.

Then there is the treatment of conservative groups conducted by mad dogs in the IRS who unleashed their wrath upon “hostile” conservatives. Or how about the NSA spying on friendly leaders of other nations? Or all phone records of The Associated Press because it wrote a story or two that the president didn’t like? Or park rangers being told to close open-air parks around the nation to make the citizens “feel the pain” of the sequester? This was reported to have come right out of a park ranger’s mouth, who was disgusted that he had to close up the WWII Memorial with WWII vets on the premises.

The bad year was our bad year. The president still keeps his job and high salary, he doesn’t get laid off, he is even spending two weeks in Hawaii currently.

Most of us with bad years have money problems, paying the bills, trying to find a job, etc. The president was laughing at his year-end press conference on Dec. 20 about his “bad year.”

I think the “selfie” photograph the president posed for along with two foreign leaders at Nelson Mandela’s funeral sums up what kind of guy Mr. Obama truly is.

But I must end by repeating the words of a famous journalist and celebrity just last week on camera when Barbara Walters stated, “We thought he was going to be the messiah.”

No, Barbara, you and people like you thought he was going to be the messiah. Most hardworking Americans already know who their messiah is and a false prophet he is not.

Emile R. Zola


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