HOMER-CENTER: FBLA team to take part in regional competition
January 10, 2014 10:50 AM

HOMER CITY — Homer-Center school sessions begin again as we welcome back students and staff from a nice winter break celebrating Christmas and New Year’s.

Starting with a little bit of a recap, our chorus and band were involved in the wonderful B.E. Taylor concert on Dec. 20 at the KCAC; in fact, Homer-Center’s drumline was chosen to play this year and you can find a recording of their performance on YouTube. Congratulations and thanks are given to those who were involved and added to the enjoyable experience.

Over the break, the Wildcat basketball teams went head-to-head with out-of-conference teams at Richland High School’s Holiday Classic tournament. Taking place Dec. 27-28, the girls’ team finished third place overall in a victorious consolation game against Richland. The varsity boys’ team came home with second-place honors, losing to Richland in Saturday’s championship game.

Just about the time the students and staff came back from break, we’ve experienced some bad weather conditions that have put a lot of the school’s events and activities on hold.

The FBLA Regional Competition was intended to take place earlier this week, but has been rescheduled, the makeup date being today. Advancing competitors that excelled on their tests will compete in early spring at the State Leadership Conference (SLC) at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center.

The testing areas in this competition range from individual computer tests and team projects to performance testing.

The students previously took their tests in November, choosing from one of the numerous following categories that they felt highlighted their strengths: Accounting I & II, Agribusiness, American Enterprise Project, Banking and Financial Systems, Business Calculations, Business Communication, Business Ethics, Business Financial Plan, Business Law, Business Math, Business Plan, Business Presentation, Business Procedures, Client Service, Community Service Project, Computer Applications, Computer Game and Simulation Programming, Computer Problem Solving, Cyber Security, Database Design and Applications, Desktop Application Programming, Desktop Publishing, Digital Design and Promotion, Digital Video Production, E-Business, Economics, Electronic Career Portfolio, Emerging Business Issues, Entrepreneurship, FBLA Principles and Procedures, Future Business Leader, Global Business, Health Care Administration, Help Desk, Hospitality Management, Impromptu Speaking, Insurance and Risk Management, Introduction to Business, Introduction to Business Communication, Introduction to Information Technology, Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure, Job Interview, LifeSmarts, Local Chapter Annual Business Report, Management Decision Making, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Mobile Application Development, Network Design, Networking Concepts, Parliamentary Procedure, Partnership with Business, Personal Finance, Public Service Announcement, Public Speaking I & II, Sports and Entertainment Management, Spreadsheet Applications, Virtual Business Challenge, Who’s Who in FBLA, Website Design, William Selden Outstanding Chapter and Word Processing.

As you can see, there are many different opportunities for these students; not every test is completely oriented to business or marketing.

In most of these categories, first-, second- and third-place will participate at SLC; however, some of the team projects and speaking events will only reserve one or two positions at the regional level to advance and compete in Hershey.

We wish our competitors good luck today and we hope to see several students in our FBLA chapter move on.

In addition to FBLA’s shifting schedule, the students attending the law field trip are now expected to leave today.

Homer-Center sports are also on hold due to school cancellations and delays, but will be returning back to normal practice and game times shortly.

A select number of students from the senior high chorus are putting their voices to the test as they travel to Clarion High School for District Chorus.

These choral members left earlier this week and will spend the duration of the weekend performing their songs here.

As for upcoming dates and events, this coming week marks the start of both midterm and makeup Keystone testing as we begin approaching the halfway mark of the year.

In addition, Homer’s students will have their Senior High Winter Formal rather soon, scheduled to take place on Jan 18, at Chestnut Ridge Golf Resort & Conference Center in Burrell Township.

With that, Homer-Center’s news is brought to a close for now. Thanks for tuning in this week and be sure to look for more upcoming news columns as we head towards the start of the second semester.

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