ICTC: 3-D printer arrives at tech center
January 10, 2014 11:00 AM
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The Indiana County Technology Center welcomes its newest addition to the printing and manufacturing fields. The Machine Tool Technology program acquired a three-dimensional (3-D) printer that allows you to build a part or assemble a pre-existing object one layer at a time from deposited material.

[PHOTO: The top portion of the picture displays Indiana County Technology Center’s newest arrival, a 3-D printer. The bottom portion displays a picture of a clay figure, left, which was scanned and then turned into a three-dimensional product.  (Chanel Sherry/Indiana County Technology Center)]

Machining Technology instructor Keith McCracken said, “Varying additive manufacturing technologies have produced objects that would be cost-prohibitive or otherwise impossible to produce using traditional subtractive machining/manufacturing processes.”

The 3-D printer is beneficial to ICTC because it exposes the students to technology that is more advanced and in the emerging field of additive manufacturing. Students are starting to learn about this process as it is expanding as opposed to learning technology that has already been established. The students will also be able to apply this technology in whatever workplace they may enter.

The future of this technology appears to be limitless. It’s safe to say that many things once considered science fiction are now becoming more of a potential reality. The MT department will be surveying all of the program areas for development of career-specific tools or instruments that the instructors or students may have wanted to invent, improve, or are in need of. The MT department will be producing prototypes for testing in those program areas.

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